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Part No. : BQ2057CDGK
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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Many PSP players and foreign players to want the Internet to play online games, but we must have support for PSP KAI wireless card can, KAIs official forums has announced that she supports this feature wireless card, as follows: can be seen from above that these wireless cards are not relatively high prices, that is, there is no domestic market, wants to play against really difficult to PSP Internet. But now there is good news for domestic PSP players, D-Link USB DWL-G122 wireless card Although not support PSP KAI, but we can refresh their own procedures to make it meet our needs, is to use the ASUS wireless drivers to accomplish this we times of modification, this method may at first feel very strange, but really help us very busy. Utility-2933.zip is the ASUS WL-167g wireless driver, it is actually inside the chip and the DWL-G122 is the same, but the product ID is different, so we just follow the following method: 2, mounting accessories in the Utility -2933.zip ASUS drivers not installed immediately after the restart. 3, with Annex Asus.zip the file to replace the corresponding file under the installation directory, the default installation path C: Program FilesASUSWLAN Card Utilities.

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