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BFR92AW Datasheet | Philips Semiconductors
Part No. : BFR92AW
Description : NPN 5 GHz wideband transistor
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Page Number : 12
Manufacturer : Philips Semiconductors
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3. NDISWAN PPP frames will be submitted to the L2TP protocol driver, the driver is responsible for adding L2TP PPP frame header outside the second step package. In the L2TP header, Tunnel ID and Call ID identifies the combination of a tunnel. 4. L2TP protocol driver then encapsulated packet presented to the TCP / IP protocol driver, and told the driver, as the L2TP UDP datagram messaging, both ends of the UDP port numbers are 1701. 5. TCP / IP protocol driver to add to the IP packet header and UDP header. Then analysis of IPSec packets, select the security policy to match, and in this security policy, based on the UDP datagram message to add the appropriate part of the ESP header, trailer, for IPSec encryption package. IPSec complete package, will the original IP header protocol field value set to 50, while adding the IP header outside the packet in ESP. Later, TCP / IP protocol driver to the results released to the message presented to the local ISPs dial-up connection interface that comply with the Network Driver Interface Specification NDIS. 6. NDIS submits the packet again to the NDISWAN. 7. NDISWAN provided by the PPP data link layer header, trailer, and will submit the final form of the PPP frame to give the corresponding hardware, dial-up WAN miniport driver.
However, many people suggested that such accounts can not be counted! Because the blade is a sustainable investment, although the initial cost is relatively large, but the latter are also many benefits! A blade server vendors who have such an account for the business forget: from the pre-purchase cost, if the procurement of small quantities of 3,5 units, may pre-purchase cost is more than ordinary rack-mounted blade servers; but when too 5,6 a quarter, consolidated the middle of the labor, and energy consumption point of view, the overall cost of the blade is lower than the rack-mounted servers. For example, in power, if calculated in accordance with 14 servers, blade servers can save 40% of the maximum power, but that was not built using the traditional rack server computing system related to the switch time, KVMs power consumption fee!

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