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Part No. : BD680
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Manufacturer : Siemens Semiconductor Group
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But the deft Xiaobian people, pay attention to Just do it, hung together with the company is quite the scene to see the product manager in charge of the booth. The manager said: "The show hung together because the transparent video booth chaos in the domestic market, which is opened to consumers hijab, to see what kind of" engine "be considered high quality, which is also consumers to purchase the right to know. "Xiaobian of opened" hijab "show the" engine "of the practice of praise, but hung together Why do some companies cover Shangqie dare not as opened the lid? The person in charge of the mystery solved Xiaobian mind: "All science and technology has always been adhering to the high-hung high-quality products aim, we have a separate booth automated assembly line, production process, highly integrated products with high quality components, the application of advanced The chip technology, internal structure design, significantly extended service life while enhancing the use of security. It is also based on quality products, we dared to open a lid showing consumers engine, but also guide the user to deepen Booths understanding. "
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