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2009, China not only to withstand the test of the financial crisis, but also to face the new generation of comprehensive industrial upgrading, in this "change" operation, Ningbo, what will be the performance? Billion state power network: the face of an industrial upgrading in China, Ningbo, how to promote enterprise development in China, "Chi-made" to promote the integration of Industry and Information Technology? Billion state power network: the next step in promoting the "integration of the two" aspects of what will be new moves? Billion state power network: three from six districts of Ningbo City, two county economic point of view, as early as famous for its many industrial clusters. The face of financial crisis, the next step of the industrial pattern of Ningbo is what?
The OA system, for example, network management system to achieve three levels: First, the monitoring system of the server running the OA performance is normal, if there is downtime, slow performance, instability, etc., will naturally lead to OA operating problems; Second, monitoring OA system itself is operating correctly, this is by monitoring the key processes and key performance indicators to achieve; Third, monitoring the operation of OA system or process performance is normal, will analog monitor operation of various process operations, there is a problem in the OA system to detect and alarm.

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