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Optical Communication Products has entered the era of little profit, and business transformation operators, is also promoting the development of optical communication technology, and even replacement. Optical communication products, profit margins have been minimal. From the industry point of view, into the era of little profit is the industry maturity. Experts say that in the current situation, the optical communications business must identify its own position, large, medium enterprises to do strong, big, small businesses should be in the specialized efforts. Meanwhile, the telecom operators and manufacturers of optical communication are interdependent relationship between telecommunications operators and optical communications companies should work together to create a healthy market environment. Operators business transformation is driving the development of optical communication technology, and even replacement.
For C2C business processes, Baidu has not disclosed details. Baidu CEO Robin Li in 2007 and fourth quarter earnings conference that 2008 will be officially launched Baidu C2C platform, but 2008 will not produce revenue, the amount of investment is also uncertain. Baidu announced the official end of last year into the C2C business, triggering the current C2C market, Taobao, eBay, pat net interest competitors. Search engine and a long-term concern about the well-known analysts believe that e-commerce, C2C e-commerce website and some sellers are within the site there are ads running on Baidu, and if Baidu C2C platform to make their own, some measures should be introduced to ensure that its search The results of the fairness of the engine. According to May Consulting is looking to the latest survey report shows that in the past year, the total turnover of Chinas online shopping market reached 59.4 billion, compared with 90.4% the previous year, with annual per capita consumption in online shopping on up to 1080 yuan. Analysts believe that the online shopping market will have matured, and Baidu will also lead to the addition of a new round in the field of "fighting."

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