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BCX71J Datasheet | Philips Semiconductors
Part No. : BCX71J
Description : PNP general purpose transistors
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Philips Semiconductors
File Size : 43 Kb

BCX71J Article About

2. To establish the material coded system. In the encoding process, fully taking into account the special production planning process, the characteristics of the workshop production, cost accounting industrys own needs and characteristics of a good solution to a yard long, more than one yard of the problem, establish and improve the safety stock management The maximum and minimum inventory management cleared the obstacles. 3. Establish and improve the procurement management system, through the procurement management system, based on purchase prices, discounts, quantity and delivery period on the purchase order records and tracking of the implementation, evaluation of suppliers, the procurement of raw materials management be strengthened, improved transparency in procurement, the procurement costs while dramatically reducing procurement cycle can be reduced from the original two weeks to 2-3 days.
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