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BCX71H Datasheet | Samsung semiconductor
Part No. : BCX71H
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Manufacturer : Samsung semiconductor
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Hitachi 250GB 8M SATA 420 hard drive NVIDIA 8800GT graphics cards is expected to sell the Samsung P-screen LCD is currently in short supply, but demand is also large, so the variety of Samsungs LCD screen in the recent general have emerged out of stock of the situation, one high-end models 932B + is one of them has been. Today, however, this product has arrived, the dealers offer is 2050 yuan. From the exterior view, the outline and the Samsung 932B + 19-inch widescreen LCD 932GW is very similar, the latter can be considered the universal 932B + screen version. 932B + design style and the Black Diamond Series LCD identical cup-like design has won several international design awards. As the positioning high, so Samsung 932B + also has a relatively powerful performance, it held 5ms response time, 2000:1 contrast ratio, 300cd/m2 brightness, 1280 1024 best resolution and is equipped with a D-Sub and DVI-D dual-interface.

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