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BCX71G Datasheet | Samsung semiconductor
Part No. : BCX71G
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Manufacturer : Samsung semiconductor
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Magic skills: MagicColor, MagicBright ], MagicTune Edit Comment: As a high-end general-screen LCD, Samsung 932B +, whether from the appearance or performance are relatively good performance, so the appearance and performance by the fancy of consumers are more favorite. Samsung LCD screen in the general area has been limited supply, it also appeared out of stock of the situation. Now this model again arrived, the price is 2050 yuan, but the number of arrival is still not much will happen as soon as possible to consumers to buy shot. Samsung 932B + S & P by 19-inch LCD screen, the impact of price increases, the popular Samsung LCD screens have a slight rise in the price. In which a classic 19-inch Samsung screen LCD 940N + P prices by 50 yuan, the current offer is 2,000 dealers. In addition, this LCD is not much inventory, silver version has been out of stock, now only black 940N + in stock.

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