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BCX53-10 Datasheet | Infineon Technologies AG
Part No. : BCX53-10
Description : PNP Silicon AF Transistors
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Page Number : 5
Manufacturer : Infineon Technologies AG
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First look at differences between domestic and foreign software and hardware platform, foreign software because the hardware platform on which the birth of the more distant years, the initial purchase of expensive IBM or SUN host, excellent performance, cost considerable. And Chinas IT technology relatively late start to take more than the hardware platform for the cheap PC servers, performance good, but falls far short of the cost compared with other countries. This is based on the decision in the low-cost domestic software features. Specific to development tools, development tools are essentially foreign C, J2EE, mainly domestic. NET and J2EE based. Differences over the technical architecture of the software data led to the foreign highly concentrated, while the domestic system has a strong distribution, together with basic network of domestic enterprises to worse conditions than foreign, so that the foreign system technical architecture are less suitable for Chinese users. In addition the cost of expensive foreign software, enterprises in the development and maturity in the IT building on the one hand, not so much the budget, the other is the business process in the growing institutional changes occur, the overall budget management software investment may be invested in batches, and may be adjusted as the organization changes.
In this conference, Oracle also introduced to Chinese users for the telecommunications industry, application integration architecture. Oracle said, AIA is built on open standards for a large application framework, can provide scalable, by product of the component. AIA can include customer relationship management, billing and revenue management, ERP, operations support systems and service delivery platforms. Oracle Global Marketing Director Josh Aroner accepted Hotsip, Oracle Communications product of the IP network management and control; through the acquisition of Netcall, Oracle Communications product of the Parlay API legitimate network; through the acquisition of Portal, Oracle Communications products have been industry-leading billing and revenue management solutions; through the acquisition of Metasolv, Oracle has become the leading supplier of real-time software; through the acquisition of Netsure, Oracle Communications product of the network intelligence and analytics solutions. Product manager for Microsofts developer division at about Silverlight when Goldfarb always mentioned two topics: one is market share, Adobes Flash installed on almost all PC on the Internet, and Microsofts Silverlight is also limited to a small number of installed PC,; another topic with Silverlight and Flash is the debate about which one is better.

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