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System running on the line after a period of time, through the supply chain Yu Chun surveys in key supply chain performance evaluation in all the above has made significant improvements: lower operating costs, quick response to the information chain, greatly improve the accuracy of the information difficult to manage reduced order response time, customer satisfaction rate. Executive Manager of a real estate company, young, very good writing, joining the company, according to the instructions of General Manager for the company to develop a large number of rules and regulations. Once, asked him a question: "Did your company who can remember all or most of the rules?"
Huang Ding pointed out that in Europe the past on the deployment of third generation mobile communications have paid for, investors want to see the effectiveness of early recovery, which is to promote the potential of one of the 3G era. Rejuvenate the current telecommunications market phenomenon has emerged. He estimates that 3G-related business opportunities in China this year is expected to end early next year. Microelectronics and Lucent is currently in Germany to promote the second G and 2.5G market, and also for 3G power amplifiers in the cooperative development, there have been concrete results, the future will be extended to the European market.

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