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Oracle open source product marketing manager, said Monica Kumar, the use of VM Template for independent software vendors, Oracle can get support and customer base. In addition, the use of the technology also represents the hypervisor, database and application software stacks have been a good testing and integration. Kumar said: "We provide a pre-assembled, set a good software. We know from experience that deploying ERP and CRM can be very difficult and time consuming, so the construction of these templates will save customers substantial time and resources . "Any developer or vendor can use these templates, but not limited to Oracle products. In a related announcement, Oracle is designed specifically for Siebel CRM 8.1.1 version of Oracle VM Template. This is Oracle Enterprise Linux, and on top of Oracle VM-based implementation of the 11g database. In addition, the company is also under the Oracle Validated Configurations Program, launched a virtual stack testing toolset.

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