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BC368 Datasheet | Philips Semiconductors
Part No. : BC368
Description : NPN medium power transistor
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Philips Semiconductors
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BC368 Article About

When the detection engine, the data in the face of not a single, integrated use of various detection techniques is very important. View from the characteristics of the attack, some attacks using anomaly detection to detect would be very easy, but some attacks using pattern matching to detect is very simple. Therefore, the design of the detection engine, the first need to determine the testing strategy, which attacks are clearly the scope of anomaly detection, pattern matching which is the scope of attack. Center management console is running a more advanced and complicated intrusion detection, it is faced with multiple detection engines from the audit data. It may all network activity within the region to conduct the "relevance" analysis, the results for the next time and the detection engine to support detection activities. For example, network hacker attacks before the formal, often using a variety of detectors of the network and host the most vulnerable hosts to attack the most vulnerable to loopholes in the official attack, because hackers "attack to prepare" the system has already been recorded activity records Therefore, IDS will be able to make a timely manner to determine which attacks. Discussion at this level is relatively more data mining technology, which through the audit found that the correlation of data intrusion, able to detect new attack methods. Detection of traditional data mining models are generated offline, like integrity of the testing technology, this is because the traditional data mining algorithm must learn to deal with a lot of audit data is very time consuming. However, effective IDS must be real time. Moreover, based on data mining in the detection rate of IDS only traditional methods of detection rate above is not enough, only false positive rate was an acceptable range, is available.
Will not repeat those here, spread the word of praise, and I want to say is some interesting areas for improvement. First, the bottom of the data line interface. Some people think that destruction of beauty exposed screws, the screws Id rather see that work gives people a feeling of good, solid plastic screw mount relative to the more reassuring. But the USB interface, some unexpected, a huge open Mplayer destroyed the integrity of the main body, and easily exposed fouling, rust, thereby affecting the data transmission. Although if applicable, and S series of the same charge - Data - Integrated headset jack is a good choice, but the S series often appear to see the connection failure problems, iriver is also the interface to give a reason. I think if we can add a cover to Mplayer form a complete sphere, should be more perfect.

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