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It is also, Rising younger part of the strategy the companys brand. As a software company established in 1998, in the user view, the Rising of the brand image more than calm, stylish enough. Rising Mao Yiding vice president, said with the large-scale marketing campaigns, led by the western country, will effectively improve the user Rising in the young fashion brand. When asked how effective the event when the vice president of Mao Yiding Rising very satisfied, "although the theme of this activity is safe trip west, but it also contains a number of aspects, such as Xian, China Telecom Megaupload held to assist the Rising grand costume parade of thousands of people. This allows Internet users prefer to use Risings antivirus products to help enhance the brand Rising product. whole, the event highlighted the secure theme. 40 users, driving all the way from Beijing to Everest, crossing 10 provinces and cities, we can see the dangerous road, but we
Mr. Wang Yi that, in addition to remote monitoring, the video technology in the field of early childhood education there is a great use of space, such as online video instruction, principal reception day, on-line parents, after-school auditorium and other talent, vivid full use of video technology , image, interactive communication advantage to carry out their homes, their homes were education work. Recently, Power Architecture-based Haier Group has chosen the new IBM BladeCenter JS21 blade servers to build enterprise collaboration platform. JS21 with its full advantage, can well meet the Groups headquarters and its mail service enterprise collaboration platform, system requirements, and won the favor of Haier Group. The JS21 as the core enterprise collaboration platform to create world-class brand Haier Group has laid a good foundation. Haier Group is the worlds fourth largest white goods manufacturer. Owns more than 240 corporate units, more than 30 countries around the world local design centers, manufacturing bases and trading companies, employs more than five million people worldwide. Haier Group, under the guidance of the brand strategy, has the implementation of brand strategy and diversification strategy and internationalization strategy. The implementation of all these strategies must be closely integrated IT technology, to integrate all kinds of people inside and outside the Group, financial, material and resources for this on the Haier Group has high information technology requirements. Haier Group has selected IBM BladeCenter JS21 is a new generation of blade servers, the use of Power Architecture-leading PowerPC 970 processor with SIMD, better able to improve the processing capacity. JS21 is built on proven UNIX technology, can support AIX and Linux operating systems. Use this product, as the headquarters of Haier Group saves space, provides a platform for high reliability, easier management, enhanced integration capabilities. Project, the Haier Group in 42U rack configuration of the two BladeCenter chassis, the 28 JS21 blade servers, plus IBM Storage DS43000 storage and storage switches, and power supply, etc. equipment. Enterprise collaboration platform, has selected IBM Lotus Domino software. Greater Power Blade IBM System p sales manager Mr. Xu Xing of the project, said: "Haier Group is headquartered BladeCenter JS21 used to build flexible, high performance and open infrastructure for its future development has laid a good foundation, is the user the best choice! "

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