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BB11174 Datasheet | NEC
Part No. : BB11174
Description : COMPOUND TRANSISTOR on-chip resistor NPN silicon epitaxial transistor For mid-speed switching
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Page Number : 6
Manufacturer : NEC
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Today, under normal circumstances, the enterprise IT system, the amount of information has reached the mainstream of one million events per second to support dozens or even hundreds of service, this was the amount of information will leap up. Leading companies who now must deal with five million events per second, and this level is expected to surge quickly to a million or more, and the need to support thousands of services. Tom Laffey added: "messaging infrastructure on the verge of the limit. Software to reduce the message delay has reached its limit, so the market will look upon the transfer to the hardware to further enhance performance and meet future needs." In addition to meeting the high performance requirements and reduce message latency in addition, TIBCO Messaging Appliance can help customers reduce support for Rendezvous TIBCO Rendezvous network required for server costs, improve operational efficiency. TIBCO Messaging Appliance can help customers to 10:1 ratio of infrastructure to save the message the number of servers required to fully reflect the TIBCOs commitment to green IT. Tom Laffey said: "P-7500 with all of our major regions and markets around the world the joint efforts of customers. The advent of the product just to meet the critical needs of the creative breakthrough. And the product is TIBCO plans to provide customers with a series of The first hardware product. "TIBCO Messaging Appliance pure hardware design, using a field programmable gate arrays and application-specific integrated circuit technology. TIBCO Messaging Appliance There are three different network configurations for customers to purchase, including four 1Gb Ethernet connections, and eight 1Gb Ethernet connections and two 10Gb Ethernet connections. Highly energy-efficient 375W power consumption, volume equivalent to a standard 4U server chassis. TIBCO Messaging Appliance Rendezvous can be achieved with the current version of the embedded client compatible, thereby protecting the customer investment in application of its Rendezvous. TIBCO Messaging Appliance, including redundant power supplies, fans and other mechanical components, to improve equipment availability. In addition, the products built-in hardware fault tolerance, increased reliability and improved equipment between two active-active failover.
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