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BAV99-7 Datasheet | Diodes Incorporated
Part No. : BAV99-7
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : Diodes Incorporated
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It is worth mentioning that "to think easy to hunt for ASP Trojan horse" is also written in an asp script for killing webshell, this script and replace the object code to find the object name in the making, it is useless to use the above simple , but we could have inserted an empty variable with the anti-death: Set hh = Server.CreateObject which qsdsdsdf variable to empty, even replaced all the object name or have changed. In fact, by changing the letter case to change the signature, the corresponding asii case or other coding is different, so we can reach the purpose of anti-killing. Is also simple to implement, a system that comes with "notebook" can handle that, but this should be replaced by hand to a letter, you can write a simple program to help you deal with, but pay attention to the problem is, some code a password encryption function will be affected, as well as on the shell code in the htm impact, based on deformation of matter, using some of the deformation. Here is my vb write a deformation tool.
One detail, remind you: if you can take down the chassis front panel to replace at the front I / O panel slot! The design is very thoughtful in place, the default is to lead the chassis I / O panel on top of the chassis, but some friends will find this position a bit awkward, as if following a drive close to the front panel, some of the cable plug case, the drive pops up, and the natural sag of the cable some friction. Caesar has five 5.25-inch slots it can completely change the position required. Internal design of the chassis is still a little disadvantage, I believe many people have experienced removable screw-free design and card card-axis height of the conflict in PCB board! Once the card above the PCB part of the bezel, the card on the off-axis can not, must be dismantled card axis change can be fixed with screws! Not only graphics that, even my old parts, innovation sblive5.1 sound card and Pinnacle PCTV Pro TV card can only be through the bezel screws, removed a total of three card-axis!

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