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Manufacturer : Diodes Incorporated
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CDP is a continuous time data protection technology, and its fundamental role is to be completed in the fault instant recovery of any point in time, to achieve the purpose of business in quick succession, a fundamental solution to the traditional backup capacity and low recovery time, non-fine strategy inherent weaknesses. FalconStor CDP technology as a pioneer, the CDP is a fairly representative of the mature product. FalconStor CDP solution is a snapshot of technology based on proven cost-effective solution, ideal for remote offices and small and medium enterprises in the field of application. It can store various types of storage devices and topologies to implement comprehensive protection and support a variety of operating systems.
In this promotion of products, which use the wave NL360/NF360 original "core variable" technology, can support both Xeon DP and Xeon MP processors, which is the depth of understanding of the wave based on the needs of domestic users innovative products, the procurement can be achieved with minimal cost to maximize customer value. In the application, NL360/NF360 can meet tens to hundreds of customers demand for medium-sized network server can also be used as a front-end access to a large network, middle tier or backend resource server. Can be applied in large enterprises, financial, government, military and other industries, not only for everyday applications and medium-sized network to bring high efficiency, but also for e-commerce and enterprise-class server applications provide industry-leading computing power and throughput, can be used for customer relationship management, supply chain management, middleware and application server, collaboration / e-mail, media servers, site management, enterprise database and business intelligence and other critical applications. Dual Xeon MP wave of enterprise-class servers to meet the application requirements, and reduce the cost of procurement, do both.

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