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Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Network Information Center v. National Air Intel Co., Ltd., Beijing 3721 Technology Co., Ltd. and head of Hong Zhous case, in the Haidian District Peoples Court carried out its first trial. Both the original defendant, the court debate focused on the legal status of CNNIC, the defendant started two constitute infringement. Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Network Information Center, the plaintiff made, Hong Zhou released publicly denigrate its subsidiary bodies, the China Internet Network Information Center, saying the CNNIC "Sike seal", "illegal organization", serious damage to its reputation. The 3721 Technology Co., Ltd. on its Web site, the original production of relevant reports cited feature is in itself a recognition of the speech.
According to the relevant information on, the Samsung MP0402H Samsung mobile hard disk is designed for mainstream and high-end notebook computers today are designed with a capacity of 40G, the same time, it provides 8MB of data cache, speed is 5400rpm, 12ms seek time, and the use of GMR heads. In addition, it supports ATA100, media to buffer transfer rate up to 431Mb / s, read and write only when the noise is 24 decibels. I am most concerned about the seismic performance, the Samsung MP0402H using advanced mechanical platform and robust cover design that will bring drive, external shocks impact strength of the most critical components reduced to the minimum, so as to achieve the operation of the seismic intensity 250G, non-operation of the seismic intensity was 900G, MTBF standards of 330, 000. such a high intensity seismic capacity and large capacity transmission speed obviously touched me.

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