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2. Probing attacks and protocol recognition debris. IDS based on protocol analysis, various agreements have been resolved to set if IP fragmentation, the packet will be the first to be reloaded, and then a detailed analysis to understand the potential attacks. The agreement was a complete resolution, which can also be used to confirm the integrity of the agreement. 3. Reduce the false alarm rate. Protocol analysis is also greatly reduce the pattern-matching IDS system common false positives. Use the command string parser can ensure that the practical significance of a feature is a real understanding of string is not identified or suspected attack. 4. A real high performance. IDS Network sensor uses a new generation of newly designed high-performance packet driver, it not only supports wire-speed Fast flow detection, and sensor network with up to 900M Gigabit network traffic, detecting 100% of capacity, a packet will not ignore any . Next-generation intrusion detection and prevention systems to resolve long-standing application of the IDS bottleneck areas: testing the accuracy and application of high flow performance under network environment. Angle on behalf of the company to a new generation of IDS providers will rely on the latest technology, the integration of traditional features of the advantages of pattern matching technology to provide users with more perfect, excellent intrusion detection and prevention systems, network security continues to maintain its market leading position.
Configuration, Fujitsu LifeBook U1010 Intel A110 processor, Intel 945GU + ICH7U motherboard chipset, 1GB RAM, 40GB hard drive, Intel GMA950 integrated graphics, built-in 802.11a / g wireless LAN, Bluetooth 2.0 module, and the fingerprint identification system. Interface with the network, the model has a USB2.0 port, one VGA port, an RJ45 port, audio input, audio output orifice, DC power jack, security keyhole, CF Card Type I / II, Secured Digital card reader and the Atheros SuperG wireless network module, Bluetooth v2.0 module. Performance of Atheros SuperG WLAN wireless module interface to a standard USB2.0, VGA port, external microphone input, headphone output, RJ45, CF card, SD card power supply for 3 hours or so, the specific time depending on use environment of the dimensions 171 133 26.5-32mm operating system, Windows vistaHome Premium Other features SuperFine LCD widescreen, built-in fingerprint recognition, Bluetooth, 30-megapixel camera

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