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Part No. : BAT54CFILM
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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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Zheng Min, CEO billion state power: in December 2008 I was in Shanghai to support a small forum, was by many foreign trade enterprises in, I asked the owner of the foreign trade enterprises, the day I said how you like this, there is a boss said that this winter I was a little hot. I asked, why do so this winter you will feel the warmth? He said that in fact this year is to increase the trade orders, but the structure has changed. Structural change is the first large order from the original as led by a very, very much into the composition of small orders; the second change in orders from emerging markets and Europe from the United States than before the mainstream market orders has increased. I know China is a very experienced network Hui people, I would like to ask the financial crisis, the impact of economic globalization, you have to service the industry chain structure of those?
In general, we assume a newly established enterprises, investors and creditors, raise funds, investment companies most of the initial assets in cash. When we did not invest the time, the cash call cash; and when the cash into companies which go to the loop, it becomes the capital, can be expressed as a fixed asset, but also can be expressed as current assets. We can clearly explain the whole process of a business. When we by investing the cash into the business after it has been involved in an operating cycle of the enterprise. In general, companies with investors and creditors will first put the cash to buy raw materials, machinery and equipment, hire staff and management of production and management personnel. After the raw material after processing will become a work in progress, and then through the various production processes, and finally into finished products. When the goods produced later, after the raw materials into finished goods, does not mean that to achieve capital appreciation. To add value to the finished product must be put into the sales cycle. Through sales, customer and business exchange between the exchange come withdrawn from circulation or sale of the cash call funds withdrawn from circulation. After the cash withdrawn from circulation in order to participate in our next cycle. This is a cash into assets, and more cash into the business activities of the entire process.

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