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Part No. : BAS85
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Manufacturer : Galaxy Semi-Conductor Holdings Limited
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BAS85 Article About

October 10 of last years PHOTOKINA 2002 exhibition began, many friends watching the sights on this regard the station was named PANASONIC Panasonic DMC-FZ1 digital camera. Not for anything else, only to have this amazing camera, optical zoom and the second anti-shake function with optical lens. This not only broke the 12 optical zoom lens and the subsequent variety of CANON PRO90IS ten times optical zoom digital camera records the largest, but also to the past only in the application of high-end digital camera telephoto optical anti-shake system for the first time into in a low-cost digital camera products. Therefore, since the release of the camera after it had sent a friend to a new generation of "tele king" reputation.
Slogan, Festival, Japan put forward, it only mean that the problem is found, can not solve the problem. For example, 10 years made good faith society, because society does not integrity, resulting in too much debt default, has not completely solved the problem, so still that faith community. Another example is that for many years against corruption, is still a large number of social institutions, business executives, is still the way with more corruption, more corrupt behavior, so also the fight against corruption. As mentioned earlier, CCTV3.15 how program ratings so the fire, because service quality of Chinese products has been poor. Is a disgrace to China. Said that in China many years to become China should create, it is because too little intellectual property rights of Chinese products, it also said.

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