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Part No. : BAS70
Description : SCHOTTKYarray SERIES
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation
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AIS 3000 series power supply for harsh environments with more flexibility, wide input voltage range 304 \ 477V. In some second tier cities or more remote areas, power quality is often the customer headaches. With the wide range of input voltage, UPS and significantly improve overall system reliability. AIS 30000 series is also equipped with environmental monitoring functions, the relay input and output interfaces of the network management card. Use your browser to access UPS status and control the operation of UPS, UPS remote management to achieve. Onboard temperature sensor that monitors temperature changes, enabling the system to take action under the default threshold. Also, because of the relay input and output interfaces, and other control systems such as the integration of sound and light alarm system more simple.

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