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Second, the momentum of price increases card machine was finally contained, many products appear lower prices. In all ten products, prices drop five models occupy. Third, the list price distribution, from 2000 to-3000 yuan of products occupy the mainstream, sweeping list of nine seats, and the remaining 2,000 yuan, compared with a product model. Fourth, the distribution of pixels from the digital camera terms, the 600 million pixel models occupy six seats, 700 million pixels share three seats, and the remaining 800 million pixels of a product model. Here, 500 million pixel product was not nominated. Fifth, the survey shows that the current user more and more attention on the anti-shake feature, which in the list of products with anti-shake models occupy half of the set.
Qing-Sheng Wu, general manager of the original Great Wall Computer resignation two weeks later, the Great Wall Computer Shenzhen Great Wall Computer, president of Sun Zhicheng led in Beijing issued a "IF" No. 3C1 strategies and home computers. It introduced the Great Wall, the so-called "iF" strategy is the establishment of a connected consumer electronics devices based on broadband and home computer product development strategy. The upcoming release of the computer to include the Great Wall No. 3C1 these two concepts. Sun Zhicheng said that the strategic integration of the Great Walls Great Wall Computer, Great Wall Broadband and IT products manufacturing resources in several parts of the group.

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