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BA9743AFV-E2 Datasheet | ETC
Part No. : BA9743AFV-E2
Description : Power Electronics, Softstarter with softstop ministart
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : ETC
File Size : 70 Kb

BA9743AFV-E2 Article About

After a long research in the medical industry and intensive, Ruijie the first to create a series: Skin Hospital, Dalian - North China, the first hospital network using Gigabit links; Guangzhou Zhujiang Hospital - The first full Gigabit hospital network; Guangzhou, South China Sea island Hospital - Taiwans first hospital network using Gigabit links. These results come from the depth of the medical profession Ruijie mining, information network through this General Assembly, Ruijie users to the medical industry has demonstrated its professional side, the new customized medical solutions for the healthcare industry, information technology split opened a new road.
Clean or re-installed fiber optic connectors, reset all of the connectors, re-check the network health at this time should be only a small number of error frames. Question 7: strange! Does cable have impact in the night? Disconnect the cable station, connected to the network tester, pay attention to connections from the hub can not detect the signal. Run cable test, view from the office to the cable between the wiring closet is open. If not normal, the tool set in the audio generator location, from the wiring between the office with the corresponding audio detectors detect the cable, usually, there is a change in the wiring closet, cable leads will be pushing and collision, cause loss or loose connector.

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