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BA7042 Datasheet | Rohm
Part No. : BA7042
Description : VCO with sensitivity adjustment function
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Page Number : 5
Manufacturer : Rohm
File Size : 65 Kb

BA7042 Article About

Traditional software development model, whether it is the first business modeling software system, and then encoded according to the prototype to achieve, or in the system has been achieved on the basis of secondary development, from the business layer, logic layer to the presentation layer, we need through a lot of writing code to achieve. Not only caused massive coding reusable software to form a waste of low expense, but also greatly reduces the efficiency of software development, and bring the following series of problems: extension of the development and implementation cycle; user business requirements change frequently, can not respond quickly ; when the user needs a change in adjustment, reducing software quality, Bug heavy; project team decided to individual members of the project implementation cycle capabilities; software seriously affected the flow of talent to the project and so on. Therefore, the traditional development model of software development into making a lot of reinventing the "wheel" process.
Key business and IT needs of enterprises increasingly urgent, CIO need to meet growing business needs. Continuing need to cope with a tight budget costs, the rapid growth of data storage pressure, IT projects, related costs have become the most important issue closely. CIO must strive to meet the new demands and expectations. In addition to these business factors, as the global advocate of green IT, enterprises are faced with how to reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon emissions and cut operating costs. To make matters worse, RF interference does not comply with the 802.11 media access protocol, the interference signal will be transmitted in a legitimate 802.11 station when the signal suddenly appears. If this occurs, the destination site will receive a packet with errors, can not confirm the way to the source site to make response. In this way, the source site will attempt to resend the packet, thereby increasing network overhead.

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