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Global IP Communications Alliance Aug. 11 power with the gradual deepening of the Olympic events, another event in the communications industry are intense preparation. CIPCC 2008 China IP Communications Conference and Exhibition of the upcoming next-generation network communication September 17 -9 19 was held at Shanghai Multimedia Square. The conference organizers will be the global IP Communications Alliance and Shanghai Informatization Commission, SIP Forum co-organized by hand in many industries such as giant, the General Assembly in this industry to show their latest products and next generation network communications applications case studies. Meanwhile, 2008CIPCA China IP Communications Awards will also be announced and presented at the meeting.
Principal Tang Jitao business prospects, said: "in the curriculum, we need to do disrupt water, challenging the traditional black fish; in the quality of teaching and training costs, we need to do to behave themselves and abide by guild regulations of the carp." According to reports, "Real, real, practical" is the prospect of entrepreneurship in the curriculum and the biggest feature. Doing curriculum design, the prospects of entrepreneurial real highlight of the teachers, from curriculum design to the training process, are allowed to have good practical value as far as possible and focused, more in line with the individual needs of students. "Seeking big perfectionist" is not a prospect the idea of entrepreneurship training course design, they insist that the practical supremacy of the style, the style is being more and more to solve the problem rather than specifically to "gold plating" their students for the purpose of ages.

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