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Part No. : BA12003
Description : Interface IC
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MSI P35 Neo2-FR motherboard processor power module using four-phase power circuit design, with enclosed inductors and Fujitsu, Sanyo and other top solid polymer capacitors. MSI P35 Neo2-FR motherboard with integrated heat pipe thermal module design, optimized for "Hot Wheels" heat pipe cooling module is more suitable for consumers to install the tower radiator. MSI P35 Neo2-FR motherboard memory power supply module with a neat row of Sanyo solid polymer capacitors, protection of the memory modules in the high frequency stability, optimization parameters. MSI P35 Neo2-FR motherboard CMOS clear details of the shortcut keys provided for the consumers in terms of overclocking often very useful. We find a mysterious board overclocking jumper, consumers can adjust the processor to set the FSB jumper, great to meet the needs of DIY players hands.

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