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2:01 pm: Excluding commerce site Alibaba in China, profit shares, Yahoos first quarter of 2008 net income similar to last year, but excluding commissions paid to advertising partners, revenue grew 14% $ 1,532,000,000. 2:07 pm: Jerry Yang, CEO, said: We are in the first quarter results are very proud ... we want to improve the cash flow forecast this year. He said that Yahoos performance in todays environment and Microsofts merger proposal under the resulting unrest, even more outstanding. So far, the "post-IPO period", Google has not encountered in the human resources difficulties. Google said it had received the resume has not diminished. Stan did not find a large number of employees to leave Google. Page, Brin has shown that far they will pursue higher goals and to treat employees. Dual stock system through, Google will retain the power of the existing leaders. But this does not guarantee that they have been firmly in control of Googles rudder, high-tech company leaders were banished examples abound.
"DataDirect Networks has demonstrated to Apples Final Cut Pro work together to support highly scalable process," leading media research firm Coughlin Associates president Tom Coughlin said. "Its S2A technology in support of post-production market is in a leading position in the industry the company has introduced products to meet the special needs of the industry. In a lot of running and a high degree of clarity in the environment, its high-quality video services to enable the company to become a Final Cut Pro collaborative environment important service providers. The eighth generation S2A platform, DataDirect Networks, the industry-leading S2A9900 provides the ultimate in performance and scalability in an area the size of two tiles, a device able to manage 1.2PG the amount of data to support 6G / sec read and write throughput. In addition, S2A9900 is the only read and write speeds as fast as the storage platform to ensure quality of service. For large files, support multiple broadcasters intake stream key operations, and post-production facilities and video-on-demand vendor, this consistent and predictable performance is important.

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