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He said: We will try to use this experimental framework. After opening up the outside developers create applications within the framework of the same software and operate in the eBay system, and will not be too difficult. The second half of this year, eBay will be officially launched this internal structure. Billingsley expect eBay to allow external developers to use the same framework, but the actual time has not yet determined. The entire process will take a year or two. Gartners statistics show that last years economic confidence index to help the Asia Pacific region excluding Japan, to achieve rapid growth in PC market growth rate since 2000 a new high. Gartner Asia-Pacific computer platform Lillian Tay, principal analyst, said the 2005 is a PC with a year of significant growth in sales, he said in a report: "The area that people confidence in the economy, as well as laptop significant growth in sales momentum a catalyst for promoting the drive demand, especially in the domestic market. "
Next-generation networks requires efficient transmission and performance monitoring capabilities, as well as high availability and reliability. In the construction of optical network transmission platform, China Telecom in the United States four transmission nodes based on Ciscos optical networking products leading ONS15454, it sets the strong performance of SONET / SDH transmission, optical networking and rich multi-service interfaces in one, in helping operators build high-quality, fast network platform, increase revenue, and so has an unparalleled advantage. Four nodes, the bandwidth between the use of 2.5G connectivity, two of the submarine cable landing station will be able to provide users with T1, E1 and even 155M, GEs network interface.

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