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Google launched Chrome, Microsoft IE General Manager Dian Ha Cha Mo Weiqi had previously responded, saying that despite the highly competitive browser market, but IE 8 browser, the user will still be the product of choice, "IE 8 to respect users choice its technology is superior to other browsers, and enables users to completely control their own private data. "However, sources said, in addition to product performance and Chrome competition, Microsoft is evaluating whether Chrome market operation mode over the scope of the law , in particular, will be closely integrated search and a lot of Chrome Web application acts alleged monopolization of the market. Microsoft itself now faces the United States, the European antitrust investigation concerning the use of its Windows operating system, Microsofts dominant IE browser bundled with the force. Analysis of other companies, including Clicklab and ClickDefense.com, also has launched a dedicated fraud monitoring tools. It was suggested that advertisers and search engines take legal means to stop the unhealthy trend of click fraud. To Google, for example, the search engine giant last fall to bring proceedings against a suspect. Google charges Auction Experts International abusing Googles advertising network for profit. That lawsuit is pending in the courts of Santa Clara, California.
"On the phone to provide high-quality 3D experience is becoming increasingly important," KDDI Corporation "au" Business Division "au" Service & Product Planning Division and General Manager, Senior Assistant President Masahiro Inoue said. "The next generation mobile phones will also be available from the advanced mobile gaming to 3D user interface services, continuing our commitment to provide users with a consistent commitment to cutting-edge experience. We will Q3Dimension Qualcomm and important as a low-cost solution order to achieve our commitment to users. " "Qualcomm built 3D graphics hardware-based acceleration of terminal equipment, is offering from todays hottest publishers and developers of compelling content, and these companies are also rich 3D features will be introduced to the applications and services on. "Qualcomm CDMA Technologies Mark Frankel, vice president of product management, said. "By working with the mobile value chain leader in all aspects of collaboration, we bring the benefits of 3D graphics for mobile ecosystem, and look forward to cooperation with more industry leaders, will 3D into the growing market."

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