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The traditional vertical management companies in the end did not for many reasons, such as their branch offices of enterprises producing products may be a component of their financial and personnel management of horizontal than vertical, the general branch of the financial, personnel, director of production plants owned by the management rights, financial and personnel than plant and production sector management rights. Management of state-owned enterprises with the traditional model of the industry in sharp contrast, foreign affiliates in China is the first time after the vertical and horizontal. A foreign company has just set up branches in China, often tube, general manager of anything, because there were fewer strokes, turnover is too small, and even some offices only, without the right to operate as long as the administered prices, the management agent, on the whole live .
MISC9800CPU is to think the company developed in 1995 following the success of Chinas first piece of 64-bit general-purpose CPU sample MISC 80160 CPU, by the State "863" for acceptance and the Beijing Science and Technology Commission, after assessing the results, but also organizations Beijing University of Technology, China University of Technology, Beijing University of Aeronautics Aerospace University, North China Institute of Computer, China and China IC Design Center, a large domestic scientific research units and universities to participate in, collaborative research and development of an upgrade of Chinas improved performance general-purpose 64-bit CPU chip, in April 1998 started to develop , in the July 13, 2000 to complete the design, in 2001, 11 menstrual Fujitsu processed samples.

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