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At the same time, ProxySG devices can be accessed frequently by customers content and information for local cache. When a customer initiated request, ProxySG devices can access the server without further feedback on the content of the request, thus eliminating redundant computation process, improve financial management and sales platform for the network, "Refocusing" strategy is the choice for the winter, on the Internet enterprises in particular. Its meaning is: clear their core business enterprises, core resources and core capabilities to enable enterprises to major policy decisions, management and resource allocation are carried out around the core, do not deviate from the core track, and finally to the core business with the other competitors do not have industrial scale and competitiveness. For Internet companies, its essence is nothing more than for the network by providing some form of visitor services, and create a category of value, to attract more visitors, and then make money by these visitors. Active users of the Internet to access the most valuable asset, and the user experience of the sites service quality is deciding that the most intuitive ability to retain visitors factors.
When a PRI interface, the interface used, time slot 16 is used as D-channel to transmit signaling and can therefore only 0 and 16 slots from the outside than the slot in the slot as a group of randomly selected B channels, with their bundled together into a 16 slot pri set, as an interface to use, the logical characteristics of the same ISDN PRI interface to support the PPP data link layer protocol to support IP and IPX network protocols such as, DCC and other parameters can be configured. A router interface, the router interface, the router has a very strong network connectivity and routing capabilities, it can be carried out with a variety of different network physical connection, which determines the routers interface technology is very complex, the more types of high-end router its interface the more, because it can more the type of network connection. The port is divided into the router LAN port, WAN port, and configure the port three categories, the following were introduced.

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