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Over the years, Cisco has been a good corporate social performance of responsibilities. To support the "5? 12" large earthquake recovery and reconstruction work, call Cisco employees to join hands to actively participate in reconstruction work, by the company and its employees worldwide, the Cisco Foundation to the people affected by Sichuan earthquake donations total more than 17 million yuan. In addition, Cisco also provides a total budget of three hundred million yuan of aid programs, commitments, and local governments and businesses sustained long-term cooperation, promote the establishment of the 21st century education and health care system, to use the power of networking to help people build a future disaster new life.
The Pocket PC with high technical content, but also a future trend of consumer electronics will certainly be popular. Plus profits, and a basic PDA to maintain profits of about 6%%, but no bargain situation. After comparison, the final decision Wu Yang Pocket PC operating the project. Although some business at the time of Chongqing Pocket PC business, but they are concurrently, which gives start-Wu Yang provides a market opportunity. "With the consumers to talk about, you may speak more to the product performance and price. But you deal with the dealer, this product should be talking about the prospects and profits, dealers saw the future, they will be hard to promote very hard to do. "- Wu Yang in April 2003, Wu Yangs" pocket universe Digital Technology Co., Ltd. in Chongqing, "was formally established, start-up capital 20 million.

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