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B69030 Datasheet | EPCOS
Part No. : B69030
Description : Antenna for GPS 1575 MHz
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : EPCOS
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B69030 Article About

Schneider Electrics APC and CA Inc. today announced that the two sides will join forces to offer corporate customers a fully integrated portfolio of solutions for data center power consumption of its assessment and fully optimized. APC will offer assessment services, integration services and physical layer management software, CA will provide enterprise-class monitoring and management software and related services solutions. Data show that the high cost of energy and budget compression allows companies increasingly face how to maintain low energy consumption in the premise to more efficiently run their data centers. Energy costs now account for about 10% of the average IT budget, unless companies take radical measures, or it may in a few years rose to 50%. In 2006, U.S. National Center for servers and data consumption estimates about 610 billion kWh, accounting for 1.5% of U.S. electricity consumption. At the same time as demand gradually increased, this figure is expected to increase. Although there have been a number of Zhizai reduce costs and energy saving measures are being implemented, but these measures are only depends on which system to generate electricity demand and supply capacity is available where issues such as simple and fundamental understanding. Solve the above problem, APCs devices and CAs ability to combine data integration and can achieve a new level of awareness, to support this critical market. "Energy availability and consumption has become the IT business support systems in the process of building a major consideration in the content," professional conduct mission-critical infrastructure, a senior analyst firm Illuminata analyst John Webster commented, "This hardware diagnostics the market portfolio is what we in the field of IT energy saving partnership to build the type. "
From the traditional sense, people talk about information security protection, the first consideration is the network boundary protection, that is, through the firewall / VPN, gateway security technology to their own installation of a protective network of the "gate" through network access control technology to achieve the internal network protection. However, it was also pointed out that the negative effects of such protection to some extent it exceeds the benefits of the restrictions to the users even more than their best to eliminate the security risks. The basis for the conclusion is mainly based on Internet resources to share this characteristic.

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