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Part No. : B59233
Description : Line Card Applications, Leaded Disks
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Page Number : 4
Manufacturer : EPCOS
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1, carried out illegal online inventory of harmful information on the work of self-examination. 2, adhere to the correct guidance of public opinion, give full play to the role of Internet media, and to spread beneficial to improving the quality of the nation, and promote the health of social progress and civilization of the information content, widespread publicity and popularization of knowledge of relevant laws, call the majority of Internet users to consciously resist against national security and social stability, contravene laws and regulations and with the fine Chinese culture and ethics of information contrary to the content. 4, consciously accept the management, welcome supervision, set up and publish reports of phone, it was reported that the mailbox, the establishment of 7x24-hour report receiving system on the users hard to rectify the problems reflected, actively promote the healthy development of the Internet industry. In line with the relevant authorities to combat cyber crime has been committed to promoting "green payments, happy life," the leading third-party payment platform - YeePay has opened a special hotline and reporting mailbox, and
At present, Chinas telecommunications industry faces increasingly complex international and domestic development environment, faced with implementation of the "Tenth Five" plan to speed up the arduous task of development of the industry both opportunities and more challenges. Hope that the two group of Deng Xiaoping Theory and the leadership of General Secretary Jiang, "Three Represents" as guidance, implement the partys fifth session of the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Plenary Session, plot-level development, bold exploration of new ideas, new initiatives, to lead the company in the market environment continue to grow and develop. Group hopes to further deepen the two major internal reform of enterprises, accelerate the establishment of modern enterprise system, the establishment of corporate governance structure, and effectively change their operational mechanism, and increased service and further improve service quality, reform, services and development, and enhance market competitiveness . For enterprises to new mechanisms, new ideas and a good long-standing tradition of good style combined each other to speed up integration efforts as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we hope that all operating companies and establish the overall situation and properly handle the relationship between competition and cooperation, under the new market structure and conscientiously safeguard the integrity of national infrastructure networks, unity and advancement, optimize the allocation of resources, safeguarding market order and achieve common development. Reform is the means, the development is the goal. We want a competitive, open, and gradually formed in a number of advanced management, service class, but also a truly international competition with Chinese characteristics, a large telecommunications enterprise groups. The basic telecom companies to work actively towards this goal for the improvement of national communications to contribute to the overall strength. Xi Guohua, general manager of China Netcom, said in an interview: China Netcom China Netcom is the composition of several companies, so the task at this stage is the integration of China Netcom, China Telecom in the business is a leading. When asked about the listing in the Xi Guohua undaunted. Bloomberg reporter shouted at a foreign reporter, please answer the following questions sound. Smiled and left.

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