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In addition to inheriting the original classic line, away, invisible, offline, TM2008 busy and also added a custom status. Depending on your circumstances change and define their own free personalized state. In addition, TM2008 also based on your mouse, keyboard, full operating conditions, very smart for you automatically switch to the appropriate state. QQ lab just discovered a new log, the original Tencent hundred passengers called "surging." Officially described as follows: four new assistant managing files now, network resources, more and more abundant, we have to deal more and more documents, not only occupy memory, and management is not easy. With WinMount, solved the problem for the management of documents, we can put a lot of file compression package, just in time to mount what use will be able to easily open the specified file does not need to extract all files, saving time. The packing of the space savings is very significant. Five WinMount can use the virtual disk to create an empty virtual disk. We have some common files into it, you can improve system speed and reduce disk wear. Create a virtual disk has two options: One is used directly to generate a formatted 32GB virtual disk; the other is to specify the size of the virtual disk capacity to generate a virtual disk is not formatted, format the first time it needs to be of FAT32 or NTFS format.
Therefore, the isolation has become the key point of interconnection to maximize the speed of data exchange, and the application can transparently support to meet the complex needs of high bandwidth interconnection and data exchange. The problem of the design principle of making the third and fourth generation of isolated products in this area difficult to break, even if the improvements must also pay a heavy cost, and the "appropriate security" contrary to the concept. The emergence of fifth generation isolation technology, the network is isolated from the market products and high safety net needs a detailed analysis of case generated, it not only solves the third and fourth generation of the speed of difficult to solve the bottleneck problem and advanced security concepts and design ideas, products significantly enhance the security features, is an innovative means of isolation protection.

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