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ATF1504AS-15JC44 Datasheet | ATMEL Corporation
Part No. : ATF1504AS-15JC44
Description : High- Performance EE CPLD
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Page Number : 21
Manufacturer : ATMEL Corporation
File Size : 463 Kb

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In the above each hostname.interface file, add the host name, you must pay attention to different network interface, in which the same host name to be used to distinguish between different host different IP address. For the above example, with the vi command to edit the two files are filled sun1 and sun2, is actually a host. 3. In the / etc / inet / hosts to add the host name and IP address in the format: Note IP address is a number corresponding to the network card connected to different IP addresses, is the host of them on the Internet legal address, is assigned its own address within the Internet, intranets and the Internet IP address on the same name need not worry about the IP address conflict, as the gateway to a higher level as its illegal and refused to give service.

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