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AT89C55WD Datasheet | ATMEL Corporation
Part No. : AT89C55WD
Description : 8-bit Microcontroller with 20K Bytes Flash
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Page Number : 37
Manufacturer : ATMEL Corporation
File Size : 278 Kb

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PS: Replace the specified program only a few letters, there is the addition of empty variables. If youre good enough programmer, you can write a program to randomly change the case, and there is some deformation of the code. To ensure the security of the application should be written first line of code from the start, when to start, the reason is very simple, with the application of the scale of the development of security patches, the cost also will be required for rapid growth. According to IBMs System Science Research Institute, again if you wait until after the repair defects in software deployment, the cost is equivalent to detection and elimination of defects during the development of 15 times.
Another problem is nothing new in the 38 degrees there for a long time on the chassis side wind guide cover, a good intention: to provide directly to the CPU heat sink directly to the chassis cold outside, but because many motherboard size specifications, part of the motherboard CPU Cooler position and location of wind guide simply not on the cover, this has played a lead instead of the wind shield of the adverse effects of wind tunnel, I went straight to take down the wind guide cover, but need to look DIY: Black mesh cover part is not fixed to the chassis , while the first wife with the lead screw as the length of the wind shield installation so long, had no choice but to use the foam tape to solve but not pretty. Hope that the future can be considered HuntKey wind guide cover with nuts pressed, if the wind guide cover removed the nut with the same length of the screw can be installed, or simply send a few short size screw!

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