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Part No. : AT8985P
Description : Analog IC
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It is understood that the ministries of information by the Ministry of Information Industry Salon Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center held the ministries of information designed to strengthen the links between departments, and enhance communication between each other, sum up and promote the ministries of information technology application experience, the focus of information and difficult problems. Current Sharon to "information technology security policy and technology" as its theme, the network security experts at the National Tsing Hua University in Beijing Bianco Vice President Gordon Chan and do ministries of information, information centers within the network security leadership were discussed, and National Tsing Hua University site shows the latest products and solutions Anke.
In todays enterprise information system among the most computer networking. File exchange, e-mail, data exchange, has been in the personal, generally carried out between departments, and businesses. When an organization increasingly rely on the Internet, and the Internet as a business tool, the importance of network security increases. Then, these information-sharing activities are safe? As a technical system, PKI can be used as support for authentication, integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation of the technical foundation for the technical solution from the online identity authentication, information integrity and security issues such as anti-denial, to provide reliable security network applications security, this is for the security of information systems in terms of five elements. Security refers to the five elements of certification authority, integrity, encryption, undeniable. Specifically, the information transmission process, whether the person receiving the data should get it from? Whether the person receiving the data have the appropriate level of view the information? Data transmission and preservation of the process, whether implicitly modified by others? The reliability of data encryption? A person to see the data, how to prove that he did?

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