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Manufacturer : Intel Corporation
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Stifel Nicolaus analyst Chris said that although the mobile operators for the open access requirements are very disappointed, but in the near future will not cause harm to them. Auction rules did not include the rental requirements of the channel caused the FCC two Democratic Party members criticized. Michael said the Democratic Party members, several research companies and financial institutions come to this conclusion: rent channel is a viable business model, smaller companies should be able to use the channel. In addition, Barcelona has been added to shorten the switching time of the new chip instructions. Such switches usually 1000-2000 processor clock cycles, but this time the new directive will be reduced to about 25%. Sandel also described other features of Barcelona. For example, each core will be integrated with 64KB cache, 512KB secondary cache, four cores will share 2MB level three cache, but the number of cache levels may increase.
McDATA Board of Directors, Governance / Nominating Committee Chairman Betsy Atkins said: "We hereby formally being Xie Jie Ke Mai Ke Tang Chennai on McDATA SAN industry and made a substantial contribution. Since August 1982 has created McDATA Jack is now to build out a very successful, the scale of 4 billion company, McDATA has innovative technology and comprehensive customer solutions, and in this rapidly growing industry occupies a leading position clear. He also developed an expansion of the management team, they will continue to lead for the next round of off McDATA. " The largest information security company Rising and instant messaging software provider Tencent has announced a strategic partnership, the two sides will expand the number of the depth of technical cooperation, to provide users with a more secure environment based on Internet communication, while multi- kinds of business cooperation. It is understood that this is the first to the previous stage Rising online game security for position after the introduction of instant messaging security is another major strategic initiatives.

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