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Part No. : AS1719D
Description : Optoelectronic
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Zhang Zhiyuan, vice president of the UF Yis speech, there is such a detail, in the UF Zhiyuan collaborative product major upgrade twice a year, 80% of the features of the modifications from user feedback, can be described as "taken from the user should be used on the user. " UF needs Zhi Yuan has been formed by the process, conceptual design, architecture design, code, test procedures, sales, implementation delivery, service, upgrade services constitute a professional system, the user of services and products and the ongoing upgrades to the effective action to customer feedback, their common development growth.
The study also found that Microsoft conducted its business in countries to promote the local economic development. Microsoft, the company that co-operation with the revenue received far more than Microsofts own income. For example, in China, 2007, Microsoft created 1 yuan per revenue with Microsoft and other companies will create a total of 16.89 yuan in revenue. Grameen Bank founder and executive director, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad? Dr. Yunus: "Technology makes economies around the world, including the size of the countries, both developed and developing countries are to move quickly leap forward for decades, so that they can compete on a global stage. computing technology is changing our society: changing the way we work and play, changing our way of economic growth and competitiveness. In an increasingly knowledge-based, integrated global economy, the widespread adoption of technology will help improve efficiency, enhance competitiveness and maintain economic prosperity. "

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