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Part No. : AQV414A
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Page Number : 2
Manufacturer : ETC
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In addition, the A300 will be the same Fang Chaoyang areas of power consumption into account, in addition to meet the state level, use green energy consumption standard monitor, the machine is also installed a unique "green energy switch", when the Energy Saving Switch in active mode, the machine consumes only 70% of normal, to help users maximize the cost of the settlement office. As a business model, the aircraft will also be called in a good configuration. With the use of IntelCelerondual-coreE3200 Fang Chaoyang A300 processor, 1G DDR2 memory loading, SATA 250GB hard drive, integrated 5.1 sound card with the Fast Ethernet card, a 19-inch LCD, the overall performance of impeccable wrong, very suitable for office use.

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