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"Recently, the animation, games and other creative and cultural industries in the economic crisis is unique, upstream, and its income and demand for talent in the show is also a growing trend." Recently, a talented network Zhaopin report also pointed out that the online game recruitment needs of the industry not only in 2008, all the way up in the first quarter of Job from the 11,196 increase in January to 3 February 16330. In addition to the traditional online game design and development engineers, the demand growth of mobile games significantly, such as mobile game planning, senior development engineer mobile games, mobile games and mobile gaming development engineers stand-alone server-side JAVA development engineers and so on.
For the integrity of the principle of least privilege to meet the target is very important. The principle of least privilege requires the user to perform a task with only the necessary permissions. Minimum privileges required to ensure the work is to validate the user what the implementation of the work to determine the required minimum set of permissions, and restrict the users privileges domain. If not rejected the affairs of the principal duties, those denied privileges can not bypass the security policy to prevent. Although the least privilege that contains the current contents of which exist in the TCSEC, but still limit the system administrator privileges. Through the use of RBAC, it is easy to meet the general system of the user to perform minimal access.

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