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Manufacturer : ETC
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Job rotation method: This is an in-service training methods, that allow trainees to change the scheduled work period, to gain experience in different positions, mainly for new employees generally. Now many enterprises to adopt job rotation is to train the new young managers into the business or management potential future managers. Guiding law or coach / practice method This method is an experienced technical experts or the direct supervisor on the job training for trainees, if a single individual one-on-site training is referred to as our business commonly used with only the training division. Responsible for the direction of the instructor is to teach trainees how to do, put forward proposals on how to do, and trainees were encouraged. This method and must be detailed and complete lesson plans, but should pay attention to the training of main points: First, the key part of the requirements of the work; second, do a good job with the principles and techniques; third, the need to avoid and prevent problems and error. This method is widely used, can be used for primary production workers.

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