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2.NEC e-Border Client installation check and double-click the downloaded file named eBorder-client-win_2_11.exe file to begin installation of NEC e-Border Client. First, the user registration information window will appear. Fill in the window name, company name and serial number to install. The serial number is when you download, NEC Web site to automatically be sent to your mailbox number. Click "Evaluate" button to continue the installation. In fact, NEC e-Border Client evaluation version and the official version of the installer used are the same. Only by the serial number to distinguish between, when the input the 30-day evaluation version of the serial number, will be installed as a 30-day time limit for evaluation. If you have registered the official version of the series code enter Serial No. Section, the installation is complete, no restrictions will be the official version. Then there will be "Setup Wizard" window. Users can choose "I want setup up a Client" option button, use the "Setup Wizard" to create a configuration file; can also select the option button "Use automatic configuration Script" automatically configured to use a script file; or select "Input a file" to import an existing configuration file for configuration. Recommended in this window select the "I want setup up a Client" option button, click "Next" to continue the setup wizard process, appears "Setup wizard-Server" window. If the user is using the LAN server-side e-Border Server agent software, you can select "Automatically detect my Server" option, depending on the server side settings to automatically set the client. Otherwise, you can choose "I have multiple Server" or "I have one Server" to set up a number or just a Socks proxy server. Here are the most widely used in the method, select "I have one Server", click "Next" button. Appears "Proxy" window. In the "Name or IP" column filled Socks proxy server address in the "Port" section fill in the Socks proxy server port. If you want to access local resources without using a proxy server, you can directly address the need to fill in the "Direct connect for addresses" column. Click "Next" button, enter the "Authentication" window. If you are using Socks proxy server requires authentication, choose the "Requires authentication" option, otherwise choose "Does not require authentication" option. Click "Next", followed by "Applications" window. If you want all the network applications completed through the Socks proxy server to select the "Proxy all". In the choice of "Proxy all" situation, if some network applications do not want to Socks proxy can click on the "Exclude list ..." button in the exclusion list do not want to use the Socks proxy to add the program path. If you just want to make individual web application to be completed by Socks proxy, select the "Proxy only" would be more convenient. First, select the "Proxy only", then click the "Include list ..." button, to the need to use the Socks proxy application adde
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