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Part No. : APA2308KI-TR
Description : DC to DC Converter
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However, beginning in 2009 is still frozen busy year: the possession of half of Chinas Hisense inverter air conditioner, a change in the past, low-key style, high-profile launch of the development plan in 2009 frozen in frequency; the United States suddenly announced that storm frequency markets, and boasted, "will win market price of voice frequency "; Haier around a corner, with" power conditioning "concept to avoid the" enemy "Hisenses strong title" Frequency "; Gree reluctantly, secretly out of the several new frequency. Shi Yongchang, vice president of Hisense Kelon interview with this reporter said: "From the share of speaking, Hisense inverter air conditioner should be said in the account for more than 50%, but the total market is not big enough. We want to make the cake bigger frequency , can share from 50% to 30%. " Ethernet World Congress in the telecommunications, almost everyone is asking, who may buy Nortel Networks Ethernet and fiber optic business? Industry sources said that Huawei and Ericsson are likely to compete against, bid for the North electro-optic networks and Ethernet services. According to reports, the two have been investigated to the bank details of the sale price. And Cisco, Infinera, also may be a potential acquirer.
On the management practices of enterprises, the fourth generation of financial software has enormous charm, the effect is far-reaching product philosophy and domestic reality there are some out of sync; tax information are still being placed in the financial management software, the tax is still not cooperative. UF, Kingdee, wave, SAP, Oracle Generation 5: Tax synergetic - U3 leading financial software through the full application of information technology for nearly 20 years the Chinese attempt to computerized accounting, promotion and popularization of history, the first 4th generation the impact of financial software and the gradual improvement of the process, the domestic software vendors began to reflect on a deeper level - we may look at bringing the U.S. software giant software companies are taking the road are? Distribution, or wholesale in the U.S. industry is booming, a large number of imported products from overseas manufacturers through the wholesale distributors to retailers and ultimately to consumers, the formation of the imported goods supply chain. In this supply chain, distributors are the most important part, product code, inventory information, sales information, customer information, product information, billing information, accounts receivable and all the data must have a software to help management, which most small primary ERP software market acceptance.

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