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APA2020ARI-TR Datasheet | Anpec Electronics Coropration
Part No. : APA2020ARI-TR
Description : Stereo 2-W Audio Power Amplifier
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Page Number : 25
Manufacturer : Anpec Electronics Coropration
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WLAN introduction of smart antenna technology to extend its transmission to improve the reliability of signal transmission, the system can not be less than 108Mbps transfer rate to maintain communications. Smart antenna technology can make full use of space can be divided into radio resources, and improve wireless LAN system reference radio resource utilization, expanding wireless signal transmission range, and to fundamentally improve the system capacity. Therefore, the WLAN with smart antenna system can be used as cellular mobile communications, broadband access part, and wireless wide area network more closely. On the one hand, WLAN can provide high data rate communications services. On the other hand, wireless wide area network to provide users with better mobility.
Microsoft on Thursday on the New York events, Windows Vista and Office 2007 is naturally the focus of most attention. However, another important product Exchange 2007 is also displayed on the General Assembly. Although consumers may not know Exchange, but it is a lot of corporate email, and even the future is an indispensable tool for a wide range communications. Updated version of the Exchange will enter the final stages of completion in the next month. Microsoft hopes to be able to use the Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging into the market. Thursday conference, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer declared at the opening speech to bring Microsofts unified communications time and cost-effectiveness, will help enterprises enhance employee productivity. The concept of integrated communications appeared about a decade, the current products are mainly used for voice and data integration. "The industry over the past fifteen years are trying," industry analyst Sara Radicati said. Although there are many good products on the market, but are too expensive for Radicati said, and the import is not easy, "so some slow growth."

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