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Analysts said that despite the death of Windows Live to declare too early, but it was not good the first year. Market research company Directions on Microsoft analyst Michael Silver said, people worried about Windows Live in the landslide, or Microsoft and Google compete for ad-supported consumer software has been not so motivated. This is a long-term plan, just under a quarter can not explain what the performance problem. ST too light, said, TFT-LCD flat panel display technology has become the mainstream display technology development, market development prospect. As Chinas leading TFT-LCD panel manufacturers, IVO has good profitability. IVO management according to the preliminary earnings forecasts, the companys full year 2008 net profit of about 2 million, 2009 net profit is expected to reach 4.5 billion yuan. Click here to forecast data, assuming the transaction completed by the end of 2008, the ST too light for 2009 earnings per share will be 0.5 yuan per share.
Although the HIS in China, has been mentioned for many years, but the market really started to do the last two years. Market good, the market is very chaotic, so this market in the end how many companies should be more appropriate to it? Benefits for the military, CEO of Sheng Dengfeng that there are 10 large companies around enough, there are some others then attached to these companies for these companies to provide some additional products. This will be more orderly market, companies will have relatively good living space. And despite the entry of foreign investors will increase competition, but foreign manufacturers the advantage of the service, or recognized, they will lead the industry into the level of service. But only the market norm, the hospital is no longer only concerned with price factors, the possibility of foreign companies have entered. Sheng always thought, the optimistic estimate of the market norms need to be 3 to 5 years. Fortunately, the Ministry of Health, hospitals and manufacturers are aware of problems caused by non-standard market, is also from doing roles in their respective efforts. Ministry of Health reviewed the following 8 companies have stopped exercise, new standards are being developed, hope to help software companies more standardized. On the other hand, the Ministry of Health is also developing standards for the construction of hospital information to help hospitals accelerate the process of information.

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