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Part No. : AN6650
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Manufacturer : Unisonic Technologies
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This is a lot of people on the Sales of the evaluation, the evaluation of their work, but also to evaluate their lives ... ... Sun: Sales choose to do is to accept the premise that life. Indeed, a lot of entertainment, especially for those big Sales, it quietly with his family to a night is rare. In fact, some people like to always have to stay outside, it did not come home, but the fact is that no alternative. Burdened with guilt at the same time, they will comfort themselves: "Customers like that there is any way I can." Customers are also in turn consoled himself, "This is Sales took me to, not my own initiative."
SSL to secure Internet-based data communication: data is issued from the browser to encrypt the data center to reach decryption; Similarly, the data is returned when the client is encrypted, then transmitted in the Internet. It works on top, SSL session consists of two parts: the connection and application session. In the connection phase, the client and server exchange certificates and protocol security parameter, if the client accepts the server certificate, it will generate the master key, and encrypt all subsequent communication. Stage in the application session, the client and the server secure transmission between the various types of information, such as certification card, stock trading data, personal health conditions such sensitive or confidential data. June 17 was informed that HP introduced the HP nx 9000 in China series notebooks, the price from 12000 to 15000 yuan. According to the staff of Hewlett-Packard, nx 9000 series in the Asia Pacific region, a total of three models, namely, based on the Pentium 4-M processor, nx 9000, based on the Pentium 4 processor nx 9010, and based on AMD Athlon XP-M deal device nx 9005, they are equipped with Windows XP Pro operating system.

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