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Archive log - the physical copies of online redo logs. In-line recovery, archive logs are required. Next we will see DB2UDB architecture and structure. Packet buffer - to store static and dynamic SQL statement and allocated memory. Buffer pool - the data is flushed to disk before the data is stored in the memory allocation. Log buffer - in all of the changes to the database log flushed to disk until the memory used to store these changes. Drive / directory - specified in the CREATE DATABASE command to the drive or directory. DB2 instance name - DB2 instance owner name. NODE0000 - the database partition number. 0 for non-partitioned database. SQL00001 - starting from a database ID. SQLOGDIR - database default log directory. SQLT0000.0 - catalog table space SYSCATSPACE. SQLT0001.0 - temporary table space TEMPSPACE1.
Huawei Quidway series routers support IPSec series of protocols developed by IETF, through the use of manual configuration or auto-negotiate key in two ways, in the transmission or tunnel mode can be applied alone or in combination of AH and ESP security protocols, the entire IP packet or data payload content for different levels of granularity of encryption and authentication to provide authentication data source, verify data integrity and prevent the message replay and other functions, combined with ACL access control list, the common information in the e-government to ensure that data sent over the network security sex.

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