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Part No. : AMS1084CM
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Manufacturer : Advanced Monolithic Systems
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The exhibitions slogan - "quiet power, credible protection", not only in Beijing in late June at the "Venus 2005 strategic conference," a continuation, but also Venus was founded 9 years ago, the face of network security fierce market competition, has maintained a "cautious, restrained, perseverance, hard work," and the pursuit of a true reflection of the spirit of exploration. Activities at each station tour, Venus partner company fully explain its latest channel strategy. Channel partner program based on mature, Venus can provide regional marketing partners in planning, proposal; relying on technology to track closely, Venus can provide partners the latest developments in the field of information security; relying on the expertise of information security, Venus can be Certified partners offer a variety of training opportunities; rely on mature products, services, partners with Venus for the overall improvement of security solutions that truly enhance the market competitiveness of partners, and ultimately to achieve win-win.
In fact, according to a recent ESG survey, 63% of the number of employees in enterprises with less than 100, said to reduce power consumption and cooling requirements of their server virtualization using the key motivating factor. 58% of large organizations also said that server virtualization technology to promote their use of energy-saving capability is a key factor in this technology. See from the figures, industry experts predict the virtual machine to run an application on the physical than in an application running on the server can save 700 kwh per year, equivalent to savings of about $ 700 per server. From the environmental side, the abolition of a physical server to reduce annual carbon emissions by 4 tons. This is equivalent to planting 20 new trees effect. Cancel each equivalent to one physical server to eliminate the emissions of two medium-sized car.

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